What is Prysmian FP100?

Prysmian FP100 is a fire-resistant low voltage, 450/750 V, 1.5mm2 - 70mm2, single core cable, for use in screwed steel conduit, and meets the requirements of product specification BS 8592 and fire test IEC 60331-3.

Why do I need Prysmian FP100? 


When screwed steel conduit systems are the only option available to distribute power or control signals to emergency circuits then Prysmian FP100 is the ideal choice. FP100 has a tough composite insulation which requires no armouring or outer sheath to achieve its fire performance when installed in screwed steel conduit.


BS 8592 - Cable construction specification

BS 8434-2 - Fire Resistance - Flame, shock & water, 120 min duration

BS EN 60754-1 - Corrosive and acid gas emission

BS EN 50200 - PH120 - Fire Resistance - Flame & shock, 120 min duration

BS EN 60332-1-2 - Flame Propagation - Single cable

BS EN 61034-2 - Smoke emission 

Fire-fighting shaft normal lighting and monitoring systems. 


Fire-fighting shafts typically feature a stairwell and lobby which require lighting and monitoring systems. They are areas used by fire-fighters as part of the fire strategy and fire engineered solution for the building. These applications "Fire-fighting shaft normal lighting” and fire-fighting shaft monitoring systems” both require Category 3 control cables in accordance with BS 8519:2020 section 5, Table 1, “Recommended cable categories based on application”.  

Prysmian FP100 installed screwed steel conduit is ideal for this application. 

Emergency Lighting 


Prysmian FP100 forms a key part of a screwed steel conduit wiring system for BS 5266-1 compliant emergency lighting systems. Cables of this type are required to conform with BS 8592.  

Prysmian FP100 Installation 

Prysmian FP100 must be installed in screwed steel conduit to ensure circuit integrity in the event of fire; note other installation methods, such as metal trunking, may be unsuitable. 

IEC 60331-3

IEC 60331-3 is the test for circuit integrity in the event of fire for single core cables with voltage rating 0.6/1kV in a metal enclosure and the test required by BS 5266-1 for emergency lighting wiring systems.  

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