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Disclaimer: Please be aware the recommended calculated cables sizes are based on the information provided by the user and are intended as a guide.

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the handy cable calculator from the Prysmian Group
the handy cable calculator from the Prysmian Group
Developed by the world’s leading cable manufacturer Prysmian, CableApp has been specially created for electrical professionals to provide efficient and precise cable solutions for any project. No matter what you’re looking for; low smoke cables, fire performance cables, or armoured cables, CableApp can help.
As well as performing as a cable size calculator, the app also works out both energy costs and CO2 emissions, which can help you reduce energy waste, and improve efficiency on your project. The Prysmian cable calculator  is fully compliant with the latest wiring regulations including BS 7671 (18th Edition), offering installers and contractors great peace of mind.

CJR Electrical

Hear from electrical professional Chris from CJR Electrical on how he uses CableApp for his installations and how it saves him time and money for both himself and his client:

How does CableApp work?

There are two methods of calculation, one by cable type, where you can choose the product family, voltage, installation method, etc., and then you have the Cable Calculator where you select the installation parameters and CableApp suggests what cable to use – and the best alternative options.

As well as being able to see your energy savings, you can also amend your energy costs to ensure the solutions are tailored to your specific needs. This will help you towards any sustainability goals you may have on your project.

"Within CableApp, a guidance document is provided that takes the installer step by step through the formula used and how the calculation is made. CableApp then provides a worked example to the end user so that they can understand how both the annual monetary and CO2 savings are derived."

Iain Collings

Team Leader of Applications Engineering for Prysmian Group

CableApp allows you to calculate the total savings on your energy bill or annual CO2 emissions by evaluating the use of larger cable sizes. The solutions include making minimum and maximum savings.
CableApp provides the best cable solutions across a wide range of products including the FP200 Gold fire performance cable, and BS 5467 low voltage armoured cable. The cable calculator also identifies alternative solutions, allowing you to select the best option for the job.  
cable calculator uk
cable calculator uk
You can also keep up to date with all that is happening in the industry as CableApp gives you access to freshly released news and videos—a useful feature for professionals, installers, and engineers keen to stay in the know. CableApp also provides you with direct links to catalogues, ensuring you are well informed on each product.
You can also find direct links to our online product catalogues, ensuring you are well informed on each product. You can make calculations anytime, anywhere on your mobile or desktop, meaning you can get fast, effective results whether you are in the office, onsite, or on the go.

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Best of all, CableApp also provides you with the option to save, print, and share your results, meaning you can save time searching and instantly collaborate with your colleagues to get the job done quicker and easier.

"After you’ve found the product you want, you can print the data sheet off directly. It also brings in something that I hadn’t factored in up until now and that is if you upsize that cable, it may cost a little bit more for customers, but it will tell you their vital reduction in carbon usage. It also tells our customers how much they will save in pounds per year through the use of this cable or that cable."

Mark Aspden

Lanlec Electrical Contractors

Experience the Power of Prysmian through CableApp and join the growing community of electrical professionals who are already using our smart and efficient cable calculator to power up their business. 

Reasons to choose Prysmian

CableApp is just one of the ways we help our customers improve effectiveness and efficiencies. Here are more reasons to partner with us for your projects.

1. Heritage

We have 100+ years of manufacturing experience for the electrical industry.

2. Sustainable

With a sharp focus on the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development goals, we are working hard to provide solutions that help customers transition towards a low carbon future. We source raw materials responsibly and are always looking for ways to improve.

3. Assurance

Our world-leading test facility in Bishopstoke offers evidence-based results.

4. Close to you

Our products are manufactured right here in the UK.

5. Certification

LPCB certified and BASEC approved product range

Member of the Electrical Distributors' Association (EDA),

Approved Cables Initiative (ACI)

The British Cables Association (BCA).

6. Product data

We are always there when you need data, as we are one of the founding members of EDATA

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