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Prysmian Group believes in the value of individuals, backgrounds, leadership styles and attitudes because each person has the potential to generate value to the Company. Our global footprint enables our company to promote an inclusive environmentencouraging the development of our group culture and identity. Side by Side is the Prysmian Group’s project to promote Diversity and Inclusion at all levels of the organization. Side by Side was launched in 2016 as a global project with a Group’s Diversity Work Stream, global targets and guidelines. The execution of the plan is managed mainly by Regions locally.


eNclusion Day 2021

eNclusion Day 2021 Highlights

Through a series of group discussions across the UK businesses, the goal of the event is to bring people together to have a discussion about what Gender Diversity means to them. Discussion and Debates, bringing it to life.

An introductory event from Prysmian Group UK, about Gender Diversity, why it is important and the benefits from a business point of view.

Variety of case studies provided by women throughout the UK that have either progressed into managerial roles or work on the factory floor in what is a male dominated environment.  How they feel, what opportunities are available to them,  the impact that it may have had on them.

Our Diversity & Inclusion journey

"Three years ago, we started our Diversity&Inclusion journey. We wanted a program that would be able to engage the entire organization across the globe and we called it SidebySide. Since then, a lot of initiatives have been launched, globally and locally. Diversity&Inclusion has become one of the most strategic pillar of our Company culture." Fabrizio Rutschmann, Chief HR Officer Prysmian Group. 

We strongly believe that leveraging on gender, age and cultural diversities means creating more value and we are constantly building a work environment where all our employees can feel understood, respected and included just as they are.


Chief HR Officer Prysmian Group



We support the idea that everybody in our Group should follow his/her own individuality and leadership style. People are evaluated and promoted on a meritocratic base.

Having people of different ages is a real competitive advantage us. We leverage on diverse professional mindsets and drive innovation through knowledge and expertise.


Culturally diverse teams are respected and valued. When people from different countriesindustries and companies work together, they are able to push changes and enhance entrepreneurship.




Work-life Balance: Best practices from our HQ in Milan

Global Diversity Recruitment Policy

The principal objective of Prysmian Group’s Diversity Recruitment Policy is to strengthen the recruitment process through the adoption of a standardized methodology that will promote the highest standards for our hiring activity. Our Diversity Recruitment Policy will also enable us to select the best talent on the market, by promoting the diversity and inclusion at all level of our organization.
1.To reinforce the recruiting process by providing a standardized methodology, that will ensure equal opportunities in every step of selection.
2.To establish specific guidelines for recruitment. Each recruiting action can create a more diverse organization.
3.To ensure that our marketing and advertising materials, job postings, website and annual report adhere to our Diversity & Inclusion Policy principles and relevant employment legislation.
4.To improve internal and external branding to attract and retain talent, diversify our employee population and expand our talent pool.

Global Maternity Policy



Side by Side can leverage on the contribution and the support of a global diversity workstream, that has the following main accountabilities

  1. Promote Diversity within the Group through benchmarking, best practice sharing, and specific communication campaigns;

  2. Propose diversity objectives and definition of HR policies to achieve them;

  3. Support HR and Organization in the design of specific training and development initiatives to support diversity within the Group;

  4. Monitor and discuss the progress to improve gender diversity within the Group;

  5. Promote a cultural change to facilitate diversity enhancement across the Group.

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