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Work with Prysmian and you get access to much more than cable. Tap into industry knowledge and expertise that makes work more effective, keeps your people happy and drives your business success. That’s The Power of Prysmian.
When you think of Prysmian, think beyond cables. We are proud of our rich heritage as the leading electrical cable manufacturer. With Prysmian, you're tapping into a legacy of expertise and a future of innovation. That's why we say it's so much more than cable. It's The Power of Prysmian.


For over a century, Prysmian has been the leading electrical cable manufacturer. Prysmian ensure all products stand the test of time, embodying durability, reliability, and superior performance. Attention to detail is paramount. Every strand, every sheath, every component of Prysmian electrical cables is meticulously designed and rigorously tested. Our commitment to excellence has made Prysmian the go-to manufacturer for many electricians when selecting electrical cables. When you choose Prysmian, you're choosing a legacy of trust.

Our advanced manufacturing facilities in the UK aren't just about producing cables; they're about crafting solutions that resonate with the demands of the UK market. As a trusted cable manufacturer, our expertise powers homes, supports businesses, and strengthens infrastructure. Prysmian represents an assurance of the UK's continued growth. Our unwavering commitment to quality sees us meeting and often exceeding British, European, and International Standards. Endorsed by premier third-party certifications, including BASEC, LPCB, CSA, and UL, Prysmian proudly stands as a leader in the global cable industry.

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What sets us apart
The power of performance
The electrical industry has counted on us for over a century to deliver products that perform. Our heritage and dedication give you the tools and assurance to get the job done. We are Prysmian – the leaders who assure the stability, safety and supply of our industry.
Powering our world
We are committed to more sustainable business. With a sharp focus on the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development goals, we are working hard to provide solutions that help customers transition towards a low carbon future. We source raw materials responsibly and are always looking for ways to improve.
Tap into our core capabilities
The power of knowledge
Our experts know the industry inside out. Having manufactured products for over 100 years, our highly skilled and knowledgeable people are well placed to support your contracts, provide technical support and deliver holistic solutions to your business.
The power of assurance
There are many reasons to trust our cables – our world-leading test facility in Bishopstoke. Our R&D division working to meet evolving needs. Our tireless work to raise awareness of sub-standard products in the market. Here at Prysmian, we don’t just meet standards – we set them. Which means you’ll always have peace of mind.
Benefit from our benchmarks
Where quality equals power
Quality is the core of our offer and it’s consistent across all our products and their technical performance. Our consistency of our product range and traceability of our supply chain means you can count on our products to be safe and compliant, from day one and long into the future.
People power
People are the energy that power our business. It’s people who manufacture our cables to exacting standards. It’s people who provide technical assistance. It’s their service that underpins everything we offer.
The power of premium
Our UK manufacturing provides value for money – marrying compliant products with our vast knowledge and expertise. We help our customers mitigate risk further down the line through the provision of products and service that get it right first time, every time.
The Power of Partnerships

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We cannot be left behind and we always have to look for the next step. We need to work together with cable companies and other manufacturers and suppliers to work out how to overcome these challenges. We can only do that with open lines of communication and by listening and looking out for one another.

Guy Taylor

Founder of GT Electrics

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