Electrical Wires for Building


Quality cables for a safe environment

Our insulated building wires provide secure, reliable power to buildings and structures.


Prysmian manufactures a range of electric cables appropriate for building wire applications. Our portfolio includes products suitable for all domestic wiring circuits found in a typical home and every item is produced to the highest standards of quality.

Our products exceed current regulations, so our customers are confident about the security and safety of any cabling or accessories we provide.

Enhancing electrical installations with safe and reliable cables

Prysmian twin and earth cables (6242Y) offer exceptional quality for various electrical installations. These cables are ideal for fixed wiring in residential and commercial buildings, including lighting circuits and power outlets. With stringent safety standards and compliance, Prysmian twin and earth cables guarantee secure installations. For long-lasting performance, choose the reliability and peace of mind provided by Prysmian.


Low Smoke, Zero Halogen cables

Supporting the growing need for quality

Prysmians range of low smoke, zero halogen, flame retardant cables provide the power and control where it’s needed without making the fire worse.

High Performance Cable Systems

Today’s world of the modern, intelligent and complex building demands the highest performance from its electrical cable and systems. Systems that can enhance the experience for occupants and maximise lettable space for the client.

At the same time regulators and emergency service providers demand the building will perform in the event of fire. Engineers must design systems and use materials that can eliminate the hazard and reduce the risks caused by fire: such as using flame retardant, low smoke cable.

British manufacturing, world leading quality

Prysmian cable is proudly manufactured in the UK, to always meet and exceed standards. Our factories design and produce electric cable for all building types locally, guaranteeing all our Prysmian Professionals consistency of supply for now and the future.

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CPR Construction Products Regulation

Construction Products Regulation (CPR) covers any cable product that is intended to be used in construction works (Fix Installation), including both buildings and civil engineering works. CPR became mandatory for cables on 1 July 2017.


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