Electric Vehicle Charging

The next generation EV Charge point power and data cable

To meet the demands of our constantly evolving world, Prysmian Group has developed PRY EV – a new power and data cable connecting the consumer unit to the electric vehicle charging point.

Energising change in the EV market

The EV market is booming and is expected to accelerate in the next few years as the UK prepares for the 2030 ban on petrol and diesel vehicle sales. Now is the time to get onboard with electric vehicles.

PRY EV has been designed and manufactured by Prysmian Group to connect the consumer unit to the charging point using its design containing a four pair screened data cable and power cores .

PRY EV provides power and data connectivity in a single cable allowing for faster, easier installation.

The hard-wired connection offers a more reliable and secure solution to Wi-Fi networks and improves the performance of smart EV charging outlets. The data cable offers a future-proofed solution for subsequent technological upgrades.

PRY EV Specifications

The power and data cables are rated to the same nominal voltage. The 600V rated data cable can be run in the same containment as the power cores.

PRY EV is fully tested and verified by the Prysmian quality team.

The power cable element is tested to BS5467 for which Prysmian has BASEC approval. The data cable is tested in accordance with ISO/IEC 11801, IEC 61156, EN 50173-1 and EN 50288-2-2.

Understanding the Importance of EV Charging


In today's rapidly evolving electric vehicle landscape, the importance of a robust and efficient connection for the charging point is crucial. The quality of this cable plays an integral role in the reliability of the EV charging process.

The PRY EV cable, a testament to Prysmian Group's dedication to excellence, guarantees swift and dependable energy transmission plus a secure data and signal connection. PRY EV minimises installation and delivers seamless, future-proofed electric vehicle charging solutions. 

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