What is FP600s?

FP600s is an armoured power cable with special fire-resistant properties making it the ideal choice or life safety and fire-fighting systems. Prysmian Group develop and manufacture FP600s at its UK factories in compliance with BS 7846 achieving the highest fire performance rating. In addition, FP600s is assessed and certified by independent bodies including LPCB and BASEC.

Why do I need FP600s?

Fire risk assessment of a building must be carried out by law and during the design of large or complex buildings such a skyscrapers, hospitals or shopping centres, the fire risk assessment usually requires life safety and fire-fighting systems to be included.


FP600s is the right choice for life safety and fire-fighting systems which includes fire-fighting lifts, smoke extraction fans and sprinkler pumps. These systems all require greater fire performance from cable than for everyday fire alarm and emergency lighting systems.


Cable selection guidance is given by BS 8519 and FP600s meets or exceeds all fire test requirements for category 1, 2 & 3 power cable. FP600s has reliability at its core.

Designed for clipped directly to a surface, on tray, in basket or in free air

Can be laid direct in ground or in ducts in free draining soil, or embedded in concrete 

Smoke barriers, control dampers and smoke curtains 

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems 

Fire-fighting and evacuation lift supplies 

Extinguishing systems - sprinkler pumps, water mist and powder 


Design & Installation

Prysmian FP600s has been designed in the UK to meet the requirements of cable specification BS7846-F120 as stated in BS 8519 for cable selection.  This allows electrical design calculations such as voltage drop and current rating to be carried out in the normal way to determine conductor size, bearing in mind the effect of elevated temperature in the event of fire. FP600s can be installed using the same tools and methods as PVC and LSOH armoured power cables.

In addition, BS 8519 recommends fire resistant cables, such as FP600s, should be installed without joints and that cables are fixed directly to the building structure or to cable tray/containment.

Bicon Cable Fixings & Glands

Cable fixings need to withstand the same high temperature, direct impact and water jet testing regime as FP600s, without melting or deforming, in order to retain circuit integrity in the event of fire. Cable glands similarly must not reduce circuit integrity but must protect against moisture and particle ingress to ensure electrical integrity. Bicon cable accessories by Prysmian Group have proven low smoke zero halogen performance in the event of fire and are the best choice for FP600s.

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