What is FP PLUS?

FP PLUS is an “Enhanced” fire resistant cable specially designed to meet the requirements of BS 7629-1 for fire alarm, emergency lighting, life safety and fire-fighting systems in buildings. Prysmian Group invented the first extruded polymer fire resistant cables and FP PLUS is the results of expertise and experience of our scientists and engineers. FP PLUS is assessed and certified by independent and accredited bodies, LPCB and BASEC

Why do I need FP PLUS?

Fire risk assessments must be carried out by law which means fire alarms, emergency lighting, life safety and fire-fighting systems are usually needed for hospitals and large, complex buildings.


FP PLUS is an “Enhanced” fire resistant cable and the ideal choice for these buildings. Buildings such as offices and shops typically require a “Standard” fire resistant cable, Prysmian FP200 Gold. FP PLUS is a dressable, aluminium screened cable, with a hard, damage resistant enhanced INSUDITE® insulated system.


It also features an un-insulated tinned copper Circuit Protective Conductor (CPC). FP PLUS always gives a quick and dependable installation and termination for your project providing confidence and reliability during commissioning and handover.

Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings

Emergency voice communication.

Other essential service control circuits for "Enhanced" fire resistance

Emergency and escape lighting

Voice alarm systems

Control circuits for life safety and fire-fighting systems



FP PLUS uses the original FP concept of a pliable aluminium tube construction. This allows installers to 'dress’ cable to the desired cable route without ‘spring-back’ or ‘memory’. It also allows straightening and reverse bending, which is particularly important in enclosed voids or cabinets, where final cable routes may change.

Less mess

Its compact, innovative construction eliminates the need for any additional chalk or powders inside the cable to help sheath removal and it has no additional glass-fibre tapes, reducing waste and mess.

Easy termination

With the outer sheath bonded to the inner aluminium screen along its entire length, sheath removal is easy and reliable. With a light, shallow cut and a quick snap, the sheath is easily removed and comes away readily in a single piece, quickly exposing the cores.

AP clips

This traditional solution ensures a positive, whole cable and secure fixing that stops collapse and keeps circuit integrity when a building is on fire.

FP Firefix® Double Clip

Firefix is the fast and easy way to install Prysmian FP cables directly to the structure of a building.

Why is FP cable fixing critical?

Circuit integrity is the critical task required by fire resistant cables which means the cable MUST keep working by transmitting voltage and current safely to keep the system working. Therefore, all FP cables should be fixed securely to the building structure using non-combustible, permanent cable fixings that will not melt, burn, or perish causing the collapse of cables in a fire. Copper or ferrous fixings are suitable but aluminium, melting point 660˚C, is not.

As well as being non burning – any fixing selected should not impede the cable performance during a fire to guarantee that the cable will carry on working. Choose BICON® cable accessories by Prysmian Group which have been fire tested with associated Prysmian FP cables.

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