Insudite – Tough, Damage Resistant Insulation for Prysmian FP cables.

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INSUDITE is unique to Prysmian and the FP range, FP200 GOLD and FPPLUS.

09/09/2022 - 02:00 AM

Fire resistant cables used for fire alarms are still commonly referred to as “soft skin” cables. In the past fire resistant cables were only available with bare copper conductors in a sealed copper tube filled with a powder to provide insulation, called MICS cable. They resisted the fire, but installation was physically very demanding and terminations very prone to moisture damage, frequently causing a delay to commissioning and handover. Early extruded polymer alternatives had a silicone based insulation to achieve the fire rating and this proved very weak in comparison to non-fire resistant extruded insulations like PVC and XLPE which installers were used to. Typically, the silicone used is very soft and as a result is easily damaged. 

  • Silicone insulation can be easily nicked or cut during sheath removal when preparing terminations.
  • Silicone insulation is easy to split when pressure is applied during first fix and subsequently. 
  • When terminating into tight enclosures it is easy to catch the Insulation and damage the silicone. 
  • Even after installation and handover cables can still be subject to impact which can cause internal damage and lead to system failure and false alarms. 

In many instances it has been a requirement to fit a small plastic ferrule over the insulation to protect the silicone from damage at the point between the conductor and the sheath or to fit additional protection in the form of sleeving over the insulation. 

Prysmian research and development team created a HARD SKIN insulating compound called INSUDITE. INSUDITE delivers the fire performance to meet the fire tests AND provides extra mechanical protection entirely overcoming the inherent weaknesses of pure silicone. 

INSUDITE is unique to Prysmian and the FP range, FP200 GOLD and FPPLUS. It is highly durable, damage resistant and unlike “soft skin” silicone insulated cables still available it protects the core from nicks, abrasion and impacts during and after insulation and termination. The hard skin INSUDITE also eliminates the need for ferrules or special sleeving to protect when terminating into tight enclosures or junction boxes. 

It’s easy to check if your cable is genuine Prysmian FP, soft silicone can readily be removed using just your fingers, no blade or pliers, cutters or tools are needed and the reason it is susceptible to damage at any time. INSUDITE is tough, damage resistant and built to your specification. 

Be safe, be secure, and choose Prysmian FP200 GOLD or FPPLUS with INSUDITE insulation.