The fundamental reason for FP cables

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Ensure the right fire safety measures in place for large or complex buildings. Choosing Prysmian FP cables can make a vital difference for safety in a building.

31/08/2021 - 02:00 AM

“Ensuring the right fire safety measures are in place, including the most appropriate cables to use for large or complex buildings, is imperative.” –Martin Boorman of Prysmian Group UK outlines how FP cables make a vital difference for safety in a building.
Prysmian fire performance cables not only help protect properties, but can help save lives in the event of fire. FP cables meet the requirements set out in the British Standards BS 5839-1 and BS 5266-1 as either bringing ‘standard’ fire resistance or ‘enhanced’ fire resistance. Both of the highest quality and effectiveness in an emergency situation, the difference between the two comes down to the requirements called for in the Codes of Practice regarding survival time, flame temperature and water spray under test conditions.
As buildings become larger and more architecturally complex, their fire safety systems also generally become more complicated. BS 8519 provides guidance on how to select and install fire-resistant power and control cables that will maintain circuit integrity for firefighting and life safety systems. BS 8519 offers specific recommendations to select the right cable for the electrical design of systems in buildings. It recommends the cable survival time required for a wide range of life safety and fire-fighting applications, referring to categories of power and control circuits of 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 120 minutes.
Prysmian’s FP200 GOLD is a ‘standard’ fire resistant cable as defined by the British Standard for fire detection and fire alarm, BS 5839-1. This is the most common solution for fire detection and fire alarms, achieving a minimum of 30 minutes survival in the flame and impact plus an additional requirement for water spray. But what if building occupants need longer than 30 minutes to escape a building?
In this instance, ‘enhanced’ fire resistant cables are required. FP PLUS is an ‘enhanced’, hard skin, and dressable fire resistant cable most commonly used for fire alarm and emergency lighting systems. It is available in two, three and four core designs, from the most usually relied upon two-core 1.5mm2 to the more specialised four-core 2.5mm2. Find all information relating to this here.
FP PLUS is also used for emergency voice communications and alarms, escape lighting, control circuits for fire safety as well as other essential service control circuits for ‘enhanced’ fire resistance. FP PLUS meets the requirements of an ‘enhanced’ fire resistant cable for voice alarms, emergency voice communication, and emergency lighting, and meets the BS EN 50200 Fire Resistant Test – Flame & Shock times of 30, 60 and 120 minutes.
FP600s is Prysmian’s ultimate fire resistant, armoured cable for power and control of life safety and fire-fighting systems used in buildings. It is available in two- three- four and five-core versions. The cable has steel wire amour designed to be clipped directly to the surface, on tray, in basket or in free air. They can also be laid directly into the ground or into ducts in free draining soil or embedded in concrete if required. Find all information relating to this here.
The key applications include powering smoke barriers, smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems and extinguishing systems such as sprinkler pumps.
Prysmian FP cables are rigorously tested at our Eastleigh site to prove their fire resistance and also prove their low fire-hazard properties. We examine other key cable qualities: spread of flame and the emission of smoke and acid gasses. The cables only become certified if they pass these tests.
Finally, the FP cable range is tested and approved by the British Approvals Service for Cables (BASEC) and the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) to provide additional assurance for clients, designers and regulators.
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