What is FP500?

Prysmian FP500 is the cable designed to satisfy CAT 3 Control cable requirements for BS 8519:2020 including where the control cable is to be used as a single phase power cable. FP500 is steel wire armoured (SWA) which makes it the ideal choice when mechanical protection is required. The steel wire armour ensures that there is no need for additional mechanical protection as it is already built into the cable.

Steel Wire Armour mechanical protection built in

Meets the requirements of BS 8519 for Cat 3 control cables used in single phase power circuits

No special tools or glands needed

Proprietary readily available accessories

White Numbered cores

Red coloured outer sheath for easy identification

Design & Installation

Circuit integrity is the critical task required by fire resistant cables which means the cable must keep working by maintaining voltage and current safely to keep the system working. The resistance to fire of the cable fixings, cable support system and any joints should be at least equivalent to the survival time of FP500 cable. The cable should either be fixed directly to the building structure or be installed such that they are enclosed in or carried upon cable management or support systems.


Copper or ferrous fixings are suitable but aluminium with a melting point 660˚C, is not. As well as being non burning – any fixing selected should not impede the cable performance during a fire – to guarantee that the cable will carry on working. Choose BICON cable accessories by Prysmian Group which have been fire tested with their associated Prysmian FP cables.

Fire Testing

Prysmian Group uses its extensive fire testing laboratory and facilities in the UK to develop cables for the increasing requirements of low fire hazard and fire-resistant cables in buildings.

With a team of fire testing engineers conducting 1,500 fire tests every year, FP500 passes the following tests “as certified in Prysmian Group Fire Test Lab”.

BS EN 50200 - Test resistance to fire and mechanical impact


BS 8434-2 - Test resistance to fire and mechanical impact with water spray

BS 8519 Annex D – Testing of Category 3 Cables


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