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To countries, to cities, to homes. On land and under the seas. Prysmian is bringing power and communications to the world. As the demand for both continues to soar and industries moves steadily towards more renewable and sustainable energy sources, Transmission System Operators (TSOs) are increasingly engaged in developing, extending and upgrading their power grids. This involves the transmission of power via interconnectors that stretch across land and under seas, between countries and continents.


Prysmian Group - Eleclink

Prysmian Group and Balfour Beatty plc together for the realization of the ElecLink project. The project, with minimal environmental impact, involves the HVDC cable connection between France and the UK through the Channel Tunnel, to increase energy exchanges between the 2 countries. Watch the video to find out the phases of the project.


We power the world

A deep dive into Prysmian Group’s High Voltage underground cables system and solution. Prysmian Group is the undisputed leader in high voltage land cable systems and solutions that are fundamental parts of power grids across the world.

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