Water Treatment

To keep cities and industry running, water and other
critical fluids must flow

For fluids to flow they must be pumped. And for these pumps to operate continually, cables are critical and must resist to hydrocarbons, oils, acids, chlorine, sulfates and many other chemical substances.

From farm fields and your garden’s irrigation equipment, to municipal water systems, industrial wastewater disposal systems, dewatering of mines, ecological renovation, purification plants, preventions of buildings and structures, exploitation of thermal water, water conditioning systems and more; all require the use of electrical pumps, installed in extreme environmental conditions.

Whether for a high-power pumping system or a portable pump, Prysmian Group offers a complete range of high performance and reliable solutions that ensure:


  • A long lifetime
  • Compliance with the most demanding standards for drinking water
  • Invulnerability to aggressive chemical and environmental agents
  • Rubber cables with extremely low diameter tolerances
The high reliability and service life of Prysmian Group's submersible cables are thanks to our extensive know-how of the special operational conditions, gained from working in close cooperation with all significant pump manufacturers across the world for generations.

Product range

Power and control cables for drinking water pumps in round and in flat. Available in screened and standard versions and for MV pumps. Drinking water approvals for the most common national requirements.
Chemical, oil and waste resistant submersible cables with highly resistant outer sheath. Available as power and control cables. Hybrid solutions according to customer needs adoptable. Available for FC drives, in medium voltage and in halogen-free version. 
Submersible cables for hot water application for caves hot water wells. The cables to resist for water and steam temperatures up to 120 °C with the highest needed lifetime. Designs available in round and in flat scheme.
Irrigation cables for center pivot irrigation systems, submersible pump cables designed for rugged installation at conditions with maximum abrasion resistance while retaining high flexibility. Underground distribution and underground installation; underground networks for exterior lighting; interior or receiving installation.
Low and Medium Voltage flexible cables for renewable energy application based in seas, lakes and oceans like wave and stream energy systems. Prysmian submersible cables can be applied for depth to 2000 m. Cable solutions available with control elements and optical fibres for all monitoring systems.
Cut at needed lengths, ready to be installed in the pumps and according to individual sketches and designs installed with plugs, lugs, pins and all specified materials.  Prysmian is ready to offer all needed solutions for the pump industry. For all submersible cables Prysmian also offers original rubber in rolls and plates for assembling and connections of the cables with the originally used rubber material.

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