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Prysmian Drop Cables

A complete cable portfolio for typical indoor and outdoor applications such as Riser, Drop, Indoor/Outdoor and Façade is available. These cables can be supplied in different fibre counts and fibre types. Building cables feature BendBright XS bend insensitive optical fibre.

Optitap® Preconnectorised Drop Cable

Optitap CablesOptiTap® technology represents a significant advancement in fibre optic connectivity, offering hardened connectors that are designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions commonly found in outside plant applications. These connectors are engineered for use in network access and drop cable segments, making installations quicker, easier, and more cost-effective. OptiTap® connectors are rigorously tested to meet and often exceed Telcordia outside plant reliability protocols, ensuring dependable performance over time. This technology has been instrumental in the deployment of fibre to the Home (FTTH) networks, connecting millions of homes with a reliable and robust solution. The field-installable design of OptiTap® connectors allows for rapid deployment and emergency restorations, simplifying the process of expanding fibre optic networks.


Prysmian's Preconnectorised OptiTap®-compatible cables are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the local market. Our cables come in a variety of lengths and designs, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific requirements.


Choose from a wide array of connector options, including the robust Hardened MPO, LC, and SC, all OptiTap®-compatible, to guarantee a secure and reliable connection. Whether you need a hardened connector solution or a standard connector such as SC, LC, or MPO, our cables are versatile enough to support both. Each cable is meticulously supplied in a coil, terminated with a hardened fibre optic connector (HFOC) for unparalleled durability.

Opt for a single connector at one end or connectors at both ends for added flexibility.


With lengths ranging from 30M to 500M and various cable constructions available, our products are designed to empower your network's performance while maintaining compatibility with OptiTap® standards.

Push-Pull HFOC Preconnectorised Drop Cable

Push-Pull HFOC Preconnectorised drop cable

Experience the future of connectivity with our Preconnectorised Push-Pull High fibre Optic Cables (HFOC), designed to meet the diverse needs of the local market. Our cables come in a variety of lengths, ranging from 30 meters to an impressive 500 meters, and are constructed with the highest quality materials to ensure durability and performance.

Choose from a wide array of connector options, including the robust Hardened MPO, LC, and SC, to match your specific requirements. For added convenience, each cable is pre-terminated with either our hardened connector solutions or standard connectors, guaranteeing a secure and reliable connection. Delivered in a practical coil form, our Push-Pull HFOC cables promise ease of installation and optimal functionality.

Preconnectorised UDS1 Drop Cable

Preconnectorised UDS1 Drop cable

Experience the pinnacle of cable technology with our Preconnectorised UDS1 Drop Cable, the ultimate solution for both indoor and outdoor applications. Designed for seamless integration, this cable is perfect for underground installations, ensuring reliability and durability. The innovative design features easily removable outer sheaths at both ends, revealing a pristine white inner low smoke sheath suitable for interior routing.

Protection is paramount; each connector is safeguarded by a robust whip, guaranteeing the integrity of your connection. Flexibility is offered with options for termination at one or both ends, tailored to your specific requirements. Our cables come conveniently coiled, eliminating the need for additional bobbins, reels, or drums, simplifying logistics and storage.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our cables are PIA ready and have undergone rigorous testing with PIA certified cable clamps to meet the highest industry standards. Available in various lengths and with popular terminations such as SC/APC and LC/APC, our cables are designed to facilitate minimal effort during installation, ensuring a smooth transition as the cable enters the building.

Preconnectorised UDS1 Drop cable Diagram


Preconnectorised 3mm Drop Cable

Discover the ultimate solution in connectivity with our state-of-the-art preconnectorised cable, designed to blend seamlessly into both indoor and outdoor settings. With a slender 3mm diameter, this cable promises an unobtrusive presence without compromising on performance.AC051 3mm Preconnectorised Drop Versatility is at the heart of our product, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from underground to aerial installations.

Our customers enjoy the convenience of choosing between single-ended or dual-ended terminations, with the most common options being SC/APC and LC/APC, although we are equipped to provide alternative terminations upon request. Each cable is meticulously coiled and supplied without the need for a bobbin, reel, or drum, ensuring a hassle-free deployment.

Moreover, our cables are PIA Ready, signifying their compliance with industry standards and readiness for use with PLP cable clamps, guaranteeing a secure and reliable installation. Detailed specifications of our cable can be found in the datasheets, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

CBT Drop Cable

CBT Drop CableEnhance your network's performance with the CasaLink Block Terminal (CBT) Drop cables, tailored to meet the diverse needs of the local market. Our drop cables boast a robust single fibre design, complete with an SC/APC connector expertly terminated and encased in a protective shroud, featuring a convenient pulling eye for effortless installation. Securely anchor the terminated end into the CBT, while the unterminated end seamlessly integrates with the customer's premise through splicing.