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Prysmian Group offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions, designed to meet the demands of modern connectivity. Our PoE products combine power and data, providing a seamless and efficient solution for various applications.  


Draka’s Power over Ethernet (PoE) solution provides the infrastructure to easily plug in the next generation of technology. Empower better connections with our PoE solution that enables you to connect more devices and data for a smarter, more efficient future. 

Why Choose Prysmian PoE Products?

Reliability: Our PoE products are built with precision and quality, ensuring a reliable and consistent performance. 


Innovation: Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of technology with Prysmian's innovative PoE solutions. 


Efficiency: Streamline your network setup with our efficient PoE products, reducing cable clutter and simplifying installations. 


Versatility: Whether you need PoE switches, cables, injectors, or extenders, Prysmian has a diverse range of products to meet your specific requirements. 


Scalability: Easily expand your infrastructure without compromising performance, ensuring your network can grow alongside your business. 


Security: Our solutions prioritise data integrity and confidentiality, providing a robust foundation for your digital operations. 


PoE Applications


Large enterprises are faced with a growing need to accommodate ever more sophisticated applications. Any structured cabling implementation should consider providing a stable, highspeed infrastructure that is technology-agnostic. 


Category 6A is the perfect choice to enable the development and deployment of bandwidth-hungry applications. It provides improved price performance and lower power consumption, supports in-building wireless applications and is recommended for new installations. 

Businesses today rely on data-heavy applications like video, wireless, and desktop virtualization, so it is critical to have a network infrastructure that will support these and future applications. Office bandwidth is required for many different uses such as cloud services, remote access VPN, Online backup, large file uploads and downloads, VoIP services and others. Determining bandwidth requirements also includes an estimation of the maximum downtime that the business could afford without productivity and profitability being affected. 

The connectivity needs of healthcare facilities are more particular and complex than commercial buildings, in terms of the most appropriate cabling types, cable topologies, and cabling distances for use within a medical facility. The intent is support for both clinical and non-clinical systems within the building, including RFID, building automation systems, nurse call, security and access control, and pharmaceutical inventory or anything that utilizes IP-based infrastructure. 

Category 6A is recommended for new education facilities based on the need for a high-performance infrastructure required for wired and wireless connectivity. It includes providing the required network infrastructure and networked services to improve the quality of education and research output. 

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