TEC Downhole Fibre and Flatpacks

We provide the industry’s largest portfolio of tube based products to connect downhole systems with the surface.

We use welded stainless steel and nickel alloy tubing to protect electrical and optical components from pressure and corrosive agents. In applications where electrical and fibre optic devices are installed downhole, our hybrid cables combine both types of cable into a single package.

Our engineers, working in close relation with customers, are able to optimize the selection of tubing and encapsulation materials providing fit for purpose solution.

Tubing Encapsulated Cable (TEC)

The first TEC was installed in the 1980s to simultaneously power downhole instrumentation and transmit data to the surface. Since then we have continued to innovate and today we have a product line that offers solutions for the full range of downhole applications, ranging from on-shore wells through to deep and complex wells with the most extreme reservoir conditions.

Our TEC products are manufactured from stainless steel or nickel alloy which is formed from flat strip into a tube that is longitudinally welded, eddy current tested and drawn to the finished size. They are used to prevent corrosion of control line, chemical injection, electrical instrumentation and power cables, fibre optic and hybrid (fibre & electrical and electrical & hydraulic) cables. 

PDT TEC products are available in tube diameters from 1/8” to 5/8” in a range of wall thicknesses and, if required, can be encapsulated with an extruded polymer jacket to protect the tube during general handling and installation.

Downhole Fibre Optic Cable

Fiber optic cables are used for a wide range of downhole applications, especially for distributed temperature sensing (DTS) but are also used in pressure, flow and acoustic sensing applications.

Prysmian is the technology leader in glass fibre sensing technology. Our portfolio spans a broad range of fibre optic applications includes variants to cater for different types and number of optical fibres, filler gels, diameters, thicknesses and metal tube materials so we can design a solution that will handle the pressure, temperature and corrosive fluids of a well.

Control Lines

PDT control lines are designed to perform in the harshest environments and are used world-wide in instrumentation, chemical injection, well monitoring and other high-performance applications where strength, corrosion resistance and reliability are essential.

Product quality is guaranteed by a rigorous inspection and mechanical, electrical and metallurgical testing conducted by our team of highly qualified engineers. In addition to pressure testing, we also provide flush and fill services to clean and circulate hydraulic fluid in the control lines.

Our extensive control line product range includes welded & drawn, welded & floated plug drawn (WFPD) and seamless tubing. They can be supplied in austenitic stainless steel, nickel-base alloy, and duplex stainless steel tubing in sizes from 1/8" through 5/8" with a range of wall thicknesses and meet ASTM requirements.


PDT’s flatpack is manufactured by encapsulating a tube with an extruded polymer coating to provide mechanical protection. Our tubular products can be supplied as individually encapsulated lines or flatpacked with other lines. For some applications, bumper bars / wire ropes are also encapsulated into the flatpack to provide additional crush resistance.

PDT’s Safety- Strip® has a continuous tear cord in the polymer jacket to allow safe and fast removal of the jacket. This innovation means the encapsulated lines, cables or tubing can be accessed without the need for open blades or mechanical devices so eliminates the risk of damage.

Flatpacks are available in a range of configurations, materials and dimensions to suit all applications and, to ease installation or recovery, individual components and tubes can be colour-coded and custom-printed for immediate identification.

PDT TEC, Downhole Fibre, Control Lines & Flatpacks

Our product portfolio provides product solutions for the full range of downhole electrical, fibre and hydraulic applications, including:

  • TEC – Instrumentation, Power and Coiled Tubing Applications
  • Fibre Optic
  • Hybrid – Electrical / Fiber Optic or Hybrid – Electrical / Hydraulic
  • Welded & Drawn Tubing (standard or enhanced)
  • Welded and Floated Plug Drawn Tubing
  • Seamless Tubing
  • Safety-Strip Encapsulation
  • Fluid flush and Fill Services
  • Fluid Cleanliness Inspection
  • Interface testing with PDT Cable Protection products

Downhole Cables

The Prysmian Downhole Cable portfolio is the result of decades of innovation since the company developed the world’s first Tubing Encapsulated Cable (TEC) in 1987. Today PDT can meet your downhole cabling needs with a range of fit-for-purpose designs that are manufactured to the highest possible standards.

Control Lines & Flatpacks

This range includes cables designed for use in harsh environments and products designed to simplify installation and reduce the number of installation spooler units required during well completion.