Prysmian Technical Seminar

Why choose Prysmian Technical Seminars? 

A Prysmian commitment is to providing cutting-edge cable solutions, sharing our expertise and enabling the highest levels of safety and compliance in construction. That is why Prysmian technical seminars are focused on the reaction-to-fire and fire-resistance of energy cables used in buildings.
Our technical seminar team educate and empower industry professionals including electrical engineers, electrical trades plus installers and purchasers, regarding the cable details required for fire safety. Start the journey for you and your team to enhance skills in fire performance cables with Prysmian experts by completing the form and starting the conversation.

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By choosing a Prysmian technical seminar, you invest in the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance fire safety in your projects. We are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions and create safer environments. Contact us today to discuss how our seminars can benefit your organisation. Together, we can help you build a safer future with fire-resistant cables.