Focus on Fire Resistant Cables

Prysmian continues to innovate by designing new cable product ranges with enhanced fire resistance properties in response to calls for improved safety and compliance with the most stringent standards.

SeaflameTM – Setting new standards in fire resistant cables

SeaflameTM is Prysmian’s new family of fire resistant power, control and instrumentation cables. They are designed to continue to operate for an extended time in the high temperatures generated by a fire and will withstand the mechanical impacts and water sprinklers or hose jetting used to fight a fire. They do not require additional ducting or external protection so take up less space, are lighter that conventional solutions and are easier and less expensive to install and maintain.

SeaflameTM Ultra Fire Resistant Cables exceed the most rigorous international testing standards to deliver the performance our customers rely on in emergency situations. SeaflameTM will continue to operate even when exposed to a temperature of 1,050 °C for six hours and will resist the mechanical impact and water sprays / jetting experienced during offshore fire fighting.

Jet Fire Cables – Protection from offshore jet fires

Prysmian’s Jet Fire family of cables are designed to continue to operate in the extreme conditions experienced during offshore jet fires. Our new family will withstand 250 kW/m2 jet fires and withstand temperatures exceeding 1,200 °C for half an hour in accordance with ISO 22899-1.

Furthermore, Jet Fire cables will also meet the requirements of IEC 60311-21 by passing circuit integrity tests for three hours at both 750 °C and 1,000 °C.

If a Jet Fire cable is exposed to a jet fire, rapid changes in the material state will give a cooling effect, which is maintained during a fire. When the fire has been extinguished, the layer will turn into a firm, ceramic substance which provides heat insulation.