Shipboard Cables for Marine Industry

Linking the marine industry with superior shipboard cables

Prysmian Group provides a complete range of shipboard cables including power, control, instrumentation, data transmission and communication cables. From cargo to specialised and cruise vessels, the technology used aboard ship is improving performance, reliability and safety for passengers and cargo alike. Our technology provides a safe, reliable infrastructure to ensure continuous, optimal operation.

Cables must be easy to install (peel and bend), light and small, waterproof, fire-resistant, and low-smoke and halogen free.

Prysmian Shipboard Solutions product range comprises of a complete family of power, control, data- transmission, instrumentation and communication cables that meet these demands seamlessly.

The shipbuilding industry demands products that improve performance relating to installations friendliness and reduced fuel consumption.

Associated regulations (e.g. Safe Return to Port) and a competitive arena in terms of both cost and lead-time reduction further fuel the need for reliable and effective technology.

With the goal of maximising passenger comfort, operational efficiency, and safety and speed, the industry needs new solutions for both product and systems development.

Prysmian Shipboard Solutions range delivers the highest safety standards, enhanced supply chain performance, increased data, power and optical transmission.

In fire-resistance performance, our technological solutions are setting milestones in industry advancement. Seaflame™ is our innovative interpretation of electrical components and cable requirements, which enables shipbuilders to comply with regulatory demands.

Combining every feature and requirement to exceed the most stringent fire-resistance standards (including mechanical shock and water extensive contact), Seaflame™’s ultra fire-resistance and ultra high-performance guarantee operation in case of fire, helping to support shipyards in complying with SOLAS’ Safe Return to Port regulations, and ensuring the highest levels of safety on all vessels.

Inside Marine

Our Shipboard Cable Solutions range of products provide the entire ship building industry with state-of-the-art cable solutions, thanks to lighter products that are easy to install and readily available.
In addition, Prysmian can offer dedicated tailor-made product lines designed to meet specific OEMs requirements. Prysmian’s Shipboard Cable Solutions product line incorporates a wide range of marine cables covering all possible uses on board a vessel, including all families of power cables from 1 kV to 20 kV, telecom cables with various braiding and shielding alternatives as well as special bus and fibre optic cables. In addition, Prysmian can also provide coaxial, radiating antenna and data cables. Thanks to the variety of cable sizes all customer needs can be met.
With greater passenger numbers travelling the seas aboard ever-larger cruise liners, the attention of the shipbuilding industry is becoming more sharply focused on the risks connected to these trends. Seaflame™ is Prysmian’s innovative interpretation of electrical components and cables requirements, which enables shipbuilders to comply with their regulatory demands, most importantly SOLAS’ Safe Return to Port. Combining every feature and requirement to exceed the most stringent fire resistance standards (including mechanical shock and water simulations), Seaflame™ is a full product range of power, control and instrumentation cables for shipboard and off shore marine applications with enhanced design characteristics for improved fire resistance.
Wire, cable and fibre optics for electronic communication and instrumentation, power, control and lighting. Designed for demanding military shipboard and naval environments. Modifications to MILSPEC or highly engineered solutions always available.
Special types of cable designed for use aboard ships or marine vessels including: Shipboard Fibre Optic cables, Data & Bus cables and Radio Frequency Cables.

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