Automotive Cables and Assemblies


Linking mechanics, electrics and materials with motion

Covering all mechanical, electrical and material requirements, Prysmian Group is a leader in material development, production technologies and logistics for the automotive industry.

Draka Prestolite Automotive was born from the merge between Prysmian and General Cable and offers to its customers the widest cable and assemblies portfolio for the global automotive industry.

The automotive industry keeps on growing at a very high pace in the field of electric and connected autonomous cars. Draka Prestolite Automotive is capable of meeting the increasingly challenging requirements of its customers through a range of customized cables and assemblies for the newest generation of vehicles.

Innovation and sustainability

Draka Prestolite Automotive field numerous patents, and our materials research and cable-design teams are well-known and valued partners of OEMs, systems suppliers and harness makers in full compliance with the latest environmental standards and requirements.

Draka Prestolite Automotive modern logistic concepts provide the very best solutions for customers, and ensure timely delivery of products from dedicated factories that combine competitive prices with first-class quality. All our factories are IATF 16949 approved.

The EV market is booming and is expected to accelerate in the next few years as the UK prepares for the 2030 ban on petrol and diesel vehicle sales. Now is the time to get onboard with electric vehicles. PRY EV has been designed and manufactured by Prysmian Group to connect the consumer unit to the charging point using its design containing a four pair screened data cable and power cores. PRY EV provides power and data connectivity in a single cable allowing for faster, easier installation. The hard-wired connection offers a more reliable and secure solution to Wi-Fi networks and improves the performance of smart EV charging outlets. The data cable offers a future-proofed solution for subsequent technological upgrades.

Cables for the widest range of data communication systems in the automotive industry.

Our Data Cables ensure fast, safe and multimedia communication not only inside a vehicle, but also V2V /Vehicle to Vehicle), V21 (Vehicle to Vehicle), etc.