Rolling Stock Cables and Solutions


Linking rolling stock with the latest in lightweight, flexible cable technology

Escalating customer expectations, fierce competition and rapid technological changes are all driving change in the rolling stock supply chain.

Rolling stock manufacturers are looking for new solutions in both product and systems development to meet requirements around passenger comfort, operational efficiency, safety and speed.

Advanced on-board technology requirements, including enhanced data and power transmission mean a growing number of cables are needed on rolling stock vehicles and carriages, including tramlines, underground and mass transit lines, but also diesel and regional trains.


As the world leader in the energy and telecom cables systems industry, we’re promoting and driving product development and innovation in the sector. How? Minimizing the size and weight of cables and reducing the wall thickness of insulation and outer sheaths. All whilst maintaining or enhanced performance.

We are the only cable manufacturer offering a full range of products according to EUROPEAN and AMERICAN standards, from power to instrumentation cables, to databus, to pantograph and jumper solutions. Our materials have been specially developed to improve the electrical, mechanical and thermal capabilities, fire performance and life expectancy of the products, using sophisticated advanced technologies.

An outstanding track record

TALGO High speed trains for Medina-Mecca, High Speed trains RENFE F070
SIEMENS Desiro Austria
ALSTOM NTV/Italo high speed, Shanghai metro line 3&4, Citadis Tramways, Coradia regional trains, Régiolis regional trains, RGV 2N2 high speed trains
HITACHI RAIL Taipei metro, Metro Expo Milan, Vivalto, Metro Lima, Metro Thessaloniki, EMU Caravaggio, Metro line 4 Milan, Metro Genoa, Metro Copenhagen
BOMBARDIER NAT (Nouvelle Automotrice Transilien) - Paris suburban train, Régio2N regional trains
CAF Metro Belo Horizonte, Metro Sao Paulo L5, Metro Roma, Tramway Birmingham, Tramway Cuiaba, Tramway Sidney. Metro Naples, Maintenance of 59 ETR500 trains for Trenitalia, Liège tram, Toluca (MX) tram, Auckland trains
CRRC ZELC New trains for Ankara Project (Turkey) and Ningbo Line 2 (China) SHML1A, SHML2A, NBML3, Czech Republic EMU, SZML2, NBML2A, NBML4, SHML18, SHML16, ZZML5A, KMML6, GZML8, South Africa Loco 22E.
CBRC Bangkok green line, SHML9A, SHML12A, SHML7

European product range

Prysmian Group offers a full range of products from Medium Voltage to Instrumentation cables, from High Temperature to Thin Wall designs in full compliance with the EUROPEAN industry standards. The materials used have been specially developed to improve electrical, mechanical and thermal properties, fire performance and life expectancy of its products, using advanced technologies such as electron beam irradiation and silane cross-linking.

The MOVIS GKW cables combine slim and light design with excellent electrical and fire performances. They are developed to withstand extreme hazards, mechanical demanding installation requirements and aggressive environmental conditions.

Lightness and agility: MOVIS cables reduced dimensions help train manufacturers in building trains with a lighter weight and more comfortable space for passengers. They are also easier and faster to install.

Safety: MOVIS cables are flame retardant and do not release toxic/burned emissions. Fire resistant version is available upon request.

Full product portfolio for high technology applications: Locos, Electrical Multiple units, Light Trains, Metro and High-Speed Trains.
Prysmian TEROL Power SW Cables encompasses full range cable solutions according to EN 50264-2 standards with enhanced performance in terms of temperature, robustness and flexibility, developed in close cooperation with train manufacturers and transportation companies.
High performance materials and maximum resistance to a wide range of conditions.
Unique safety under fire condition (self-extinguishing properties, no toxic/corrosive gas released and reduced smoke emissions).
Outstanding product range covering all functionalities.
Prysmian TEROL Power MW Cables encompasses full range cable solutions according to EN 50264-3 standards with enhanced performance in terms of temperature, robustness and flexibility, developed in close cooperation with train manufacturers and transportation companies.
High performance materials and maximum resistance to a wide range of conditions
Unique safety under fire conditions (self-extinguishing properties, no toxic/corrosive gas released and reduced smoke emissions).
Outstanding product range covering all functionalities.
Control cables used in rolling stock applications according to EN 50306.
45 kV power cables used to connect the pantograph apparatus with transformer and other High Voltage equipment on rolling stock vehicles.
We offer both alternatives for roof application (TENAX Train Plus), with tinned copper wires screen, and intercoaches (TENAX TRAIN JUMPER) use, with tinned copper braid screen. New lead-free solution is now available.
A pantograph (or "pan") is an apparatus mounted on the roof of an electric train, tram or electric bus to collect power through contact with an overhead catenary wire. It is a common type of current collector. Typically, a single wire is used, with the return current running through the track. The term stems from the resemblance of some styles to the mechanical pantographs used for copying handwriting and drawings.
Jumper cables are intended for use in railway rolling stock as flexible connection, they may be used both in- and outdoors, e.g. flexible between coaches or between car floor and bogies.
Prysmian TEROL High Temperature Cables encompasses full range cable solutions according to EN 50382 standards with enhanced performance in terms of temperature, robustness and flexibility, developed in close cooperation with train manufacturers and transportation companies.
  • High performance materials and maximum resistance to a wide range of conditions.
  • Unique safety under fire condition (self-extinguishing properties, no toxic/corrosive gas released and reduced smoke emissions).
  • Outstanding product range covering all functionalities 120 °C, 150 °C or 180 °C.
Outstanding product range covering all functionalities, including: Databus, Antenna, SONO, MVB, WTB, CANBUS, RS 485

American product range

Our extensive line of UL and CSA approved quality rail and transit cables for the AMERICAN market ensure performance, reliability and safety, while lowering your cost through easier and faster installation, simplified maintenance and infrastructure longevity.

We consistently provide you with new innovations and better technology to overcome the challenges you face in evolving rail and mass transit applications – from general purpose control wiring, cab control area and HVAC system cables, to speed sensor control, trainline control and interconnect cables, and interior on-car body signal, power, control and communications wiring.

The most trusted name for more than 30 years, Polyrad® XT remains your best choice for rapid transit, locomotive and rolling stock wire and cable, while our application-specific and custom-engineered cable designs meet your exact needs. Backed by responsive customer service, dedicated engineering support and on-time quality deliverables, we not only provide you with the industry’s toughest rail and transit cables – we deliver the value and results you need to succeed in project, retrofit and MRO business.

Polyrad® XT meets all performance requirements of AAR RP-585 and ICEA S-95-658, as well as transit industry specifications.
Polyrad® XT wire and cables combine superior electrical properties and performance for advanced rapid transit, locomotive and off-road equipment applications.
Dual 125°C/110°C temperature rating for long life, higher ampacities and protection from thermal overloads (single wires)
Maximum flame retardance as demonstrated by VW-1 and, for multi-conductor cables, IEEE 383 (70,000 BTU/hr.) and IEEE 1202 (70,000 BTU/hr.)
Excellent oil and chemical resistance
Maximum dependability and mechanical toughness
Smaller outside diameter and flexible stranding and insulation simplify installation
As the transit industry is experiencing an increasing demand for the reduction of both size and weight of cabling systems, Polyrad® ULTRA wire offers better performance, reduced weight and smaller diameters, defining the next generation of cable, ideal where high-density cabling is required. Polyrad® ULTRA singles can be designed into multiconductor constructions that are 600 Volt and rated 125˚C, ideal for high-density cabling applications.
A longstanding frontrunner, we bring improved cabling system ideas to the industry through better cable technology, superior safety, easier and faster cable installation, simplified maintenance, extended performance and improved cost efficiencies.
As a qualified supplier for the New York City Transit (NYCT) TX Cable Specification, we are an approved source for future Capital Programs, and Maintenance, Repair and Operational (MRO) requirements. When it comes to specifying cables that can handle extreme conditions, you have a complete selection of quality, high-performance Polyrad® XT cables. 
Transit data communications cables are produced in multi-conductors, coaxial, and shielded twisted pairs. Our high-quality products are engineered with outstanding thermal stability at elevated temperatures as well as excellent performance in sub-zero conditions. An extra-tough irradiated thermoset jacket provides resistance to most oils, chemicals, and moisture but still allows for flexibility and free stripping.
We offer a full range of Cat5e, Cat6 and datacables (MVB and WTB).
Outstanding product range covering all functionalities, including: Diesel Locomotive Cable 2000 Volts, Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) Brake Cable, TRANSPOWER Head-End Power (HEP) 600 V Cables


We understand the needs and requirements of our customers and meet them with a portfolio of products and solutions that evolves constantly to reflect the changing landscape of the rolling stock industry.
Our exhaustive product range includes jumper and composite cables and covers all functionalities (MV/LV, instrumentation and control, video and data transmission). Our cables boast a proven extended working lifetime, commonly exceeding 30 years.
Prysmian Group rolling stock cables are suitable for equipping all electric and diesel locomotives, carriages, electronic equipment and many other parts of a train.
We have designed and developed an advanced, high-performing family of technological compounds for even the most demanding applications. Our technology will allow:
  • Bending radius to be up to three times the outer cable diameter
  • The smallest dimensions possible, yet in strict compliance with existing performance standards
  • Higher working temperatures with scaled-down conductor cross-sections
  • Higher physical and mechanical resistance, exceeding standard requirements by up to 10 times for properties such as abrasion, cut-through, notch propagation, repeated bending and vibrations
  • Easy installation: our technology and designs provide the cables with easy-peeling properties and low friction between cables, reducing installation time
  • Compliance with EMC requirements for the railway environment
  • Unique safety in case of fire outbreaks
Our focus is always on ensuring both human and material safety in any working environment. Our rolling stock cable solutions are designed to minimise fire hazards related to cables. For example, in order to prevent cables contributing to the spread of fire and the deterioration of the atmosphere (crucial for emergency services) they:
  • feature self-extinguishing properties
  • do not release toxic and corrosive gases
  • reduce the amount of smoke emitted.
Our cables are suitable in the most critical conditions (e.g. tunnels, deep metro lines, etc.) and are fully environmentally friendly (LS0H and recyclable).
We understand that cables in trains must be resistant to a wide range of conditions, e.g. high-speed objects and particles, cleaning fluids, fuel, oils, hydraulic circuit fluids, greases, etc, as well as harsh environmental conditions (extreme temperatures, salts, mud, UV irradiation, etc). This functionality comes as standard with all our cables.
However, we are also able to manufacture a broad range of harnessing solutions, specifically developed compounds and cable designs (e.g. formulation, compounding and manufacturing cables) according to specific customer needs. How can we do this? Our state-of-the-art technological capabilities and expert technicians and technical specialists.

Certifications and compliance

All our cables are produced to the most stringent standards, regulations and directives for the train, tram and rolling stock industries.
IRIS is a globally recognised standard for the evaluation of management systems in the railway sector. The group is a part of UNIFE – the Association of the European Rail Industry – and aims to secure excellent service in the railway industry and enable railway component suppliers to meet globally recognised levels of quality. All Prysmian Group rolling-stock cables worldwide are fully IRIS certified, including their related production units and processes such as purchasing, inventory and sales flows.
REACH is the regulation of the European Parliament and the European Union Council, adopted on December 18, 2006, which modernises European legislation regarding chemical substances. It sets up a unique integrated system of chemical substances in the European Union.
Its objective is to improve the protection of human health and the environment, while maintaining the European chemical industry’s competitiveness and strengthening its spirit of innovation. All our rolling-stock cables are REACH compliant.
The RoHS directive aims to reduce the use of certain dangerous substances commonly used in electric and electronic equipment (EEE). Cables affected by this directive are those with a rating below 250 V (where the function is the connection or the extension of an EEE to electrical outlet or the connection of two or more EEEs to each other). All Prysmian Group Rolling Stock cables are RoHS compliant.