Prysmian launches Ultra Compact Joint for fibre optic market

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31/01/2020 - 01:00 AM

Prysmian Telecoms is introducing a new Ultra Compact Multifunction Joint (UMJ) into its range of joints and accessories for the fibre optic market.

As the name implies, the UMJ is designed to cope with increased congestion of ducts and chambers and the resulting space limitations for all fibre accessories.

The UMJ is designed to accommodate up to 72 fibres in six splice trays. It can be used in aerial or underground networks and is an ideal solution for FTTH or smaller commercial fibre applications.

Designed, moulded and assembled in our plant in Bishopstoke, Hampshire - Prysmian’s Global centre of excellence for telecommunications accessories - the UMJ is just the latest in a series of product developments to address the increasing challenge of fibre densification in telecommunications networks.

Adam Ashenden, Product Manager for Prysmian Connectivity observes: “Densification is only going to increase as we move towards full FTTH and the roll-out of a 5G network.  Space really is at a premium, so the focus for our product development teams is on producing ever more compact solutions.”

The launch of this Ultra Compact Joint follows on from the introduction, earlier this year, of the new FlexRibbon range of cables , providing the highest fibre count within the industry. Also new to the market is the Karona Overblow system – designed to ease the installation of new fibre into congested ductwork.

Ashenden again: “At Prysmian we recognise that space is one of the biggest challenges for fibre roll-out. Consequently, much of our research and development effort is aimed at developing solutions to maximise capacity while reducing dimensions.

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