What is a Connectorised Block Terminal?

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Demands for super-fast, reliable connectivity is pushing for more FTTP installations, but before fibre optic is installed, there needs to be a fibre connection point.

06/09/2023 - 02:00 AM

In today's fast-paced world, where technology plays a pivotal role in our lives, the demand for efficient and seamless connectivity has never been higher. This increase in demand means a rise in Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) installations as it offers the better speeds, reliability and the lowest latency compared to other technologies. FTTP installations tend to be quick and straightforward, however, before these installations can happen on a customer’s premises, there must be a nearby fibre connection point. This known as a connectorised block terminal (CBT).


A connectorised block terminal, also referred to as a “connectorised terminal block”, is an external box used to join and secure multiple fibre cables together. It acts as an interface between external devices or systems, allowing for an organised, reliable transfer of signals or power.

The CBT is connected back to the exchange via fibre-optic cable and must be installed in an underground chamber or attached to a telegraph pole close to the premises where FTTP is being installed.

As soon as the CBT has been installed and has gone live, customers can then order FTTP from a range of broadband providers.

The CBT is available in various sizes and configurations, providing flexibility in accommodating different connection needs. They can be easily expanded or reconfigured as system requirements change.

So, what does Prysmian Group have to offer? 


CasaLink Block Terminal (CBT)

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The CasaLink Block Terminal is one of the latest solutions from Prysmian Group. This pre-connectorised, compact box is easy to install and is designed for use in the external environment and is weatherproof with an IP rating of IP68. It is smaller, lighter, and much faster to install than alternatives.

The CBT can be used as part of a point to point or PON system, so balanced or unbalanced splitters can be pre-installed within the block, increasing the capacity of the fibres accommodated within its compact size.

It is supplied sealed and ready for quick connection to feeder and drop cables and simply clips onto a mounting plate. This significantly reduces installation time. The CBT also comes in three sizes with 4,8 and 12 ports.


CasaLink Block Terminal (CBT) Drop Cables

What is a Connectorised Block Terminal

The CBT Drop cable is a single fibre design terminated at one end with an SC/APC connector. The connector is encased in a shroud and has a pulling eye to support installation. The terminated end is secured into the Casalink Block Terminal, and the unterminated end is spliced at the customer premises. The CBT Drop cables are available in various lengths.


Prysmian Group – Advancing Connectivity

Prysmian Group is the complete solutions provider. Our unparalleled attention to detail covers every stage from research and design to creation and testing, installation and post-deployment. Regardless of your network type, we have an extensive range of connectivity solutions that covers all your cable management needs.


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