Prysmian Verticasa System enables fibre delivery to Multi Dwelling Units

Categories: Telecoms 


10/03/2020 - 01:00 AM

With new legislation about to give better access to apartment blocks for full fibre installation, Prysmian’s Verticasa cable system, developed to help speed up the installation of fibre to multi-dwelling units, is set to come into its own.

The UK government has stated its intention of accelerating the delivery of full fibre to the home (FTTH) and one manifestation of this commitment is the Telecommunications Infrastructure (Leasehold Property) bill which has completed its passage through the Houses of Parliament.

The bill is intended overcome legal barriers to installing fibre throughout multi-dwelling units (MDUs) by giving telecommunications operators rights to access when either the landlord or a tenant has asked for fibre cable to be installed.

Combined with additional legislation to include fibre provision into building regulations for new dwellings, this will pave the way for further rapid deployment.

Prysmian’s offer for MDUs centres on its Verticasa cable System™: comprising a combination of Prysmian high fibre density riser cable (up to 144 fibres) with a range of connectivity products to support cable breakout, splicing and customer termination.

It’s a neat, time-saving solution. Single or multiple fibres are branched directly from the riser to subscribers on different floors. Cable splicing can be carried out in the riser or in the individual apartments, making installation planning very flexible.

Flexibility is also a characteristic of the cable as Verticasa uses BendBright bend insensitive optical fibre in FlexTube modules, allowing even the most convoluted installation ducts to be accommodated.

Developed originally in Italy, Verticasa has been used extensively in Spain, France and Australia.  In the UK the product is supplied directly from Prysmian Group’s Telecommunications connectivity centre in Bishopstoke, near Southampton or through distribution.

“Verticasa is just one of an increasing range of connectivity products designed to support the growing FTTH market” summarises R&D Manager Kris Roberts. Building on its experience of supporting markets with advanced FTTH systems, Prysmian is well-positioned to meet growing demand in the UK with local manufacturing and technical support.

Available directly from Prysmian or supplied through distributors Comtec and Wolsley, sales of Verticasa are rising steadily, with manufacturing capacity ready to accommodate a significant upswing as barriers to full fibre installation are removed.