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Is your cable cost-effective?

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When it comes to choosing cable for an upcoming project, there are several factors to consider. But have you ever thought about whether a cable is cost-effective?

23/04/2024 - 10:04 AM

Whether you have a residential job on the cards or an upcoming commercial project, you need to buy the right cable for the installations. But which brand do you choose? Often, several factors affect your purchasing decision, such as quality, trust, and brand perception. One of the other major influencers is price. Cables are an essential component of any electrical installation, and so their impact on the total cost of a job is a significant factor. Those specifying a cable for an installation will be looking to keep their costs down, but does buying a cheaper cable necessarily mean it is more cost-effective in the long run?

What do we mean by “cost-effective”? There is not a standard textbook answer to this, but it generally refers to something that provides good value for its cost – this is often interpreted as being affordable – but it means more than just the price. Here are some questions to consider when it comes to purchasing cable.

Do you know where your cables are manufactured?

Knowing where your cable comes from is important. Buying from a local manufacturer means that you are putting money back into the local economy. It also means that you can avoid any lengthy delays that may occur in the supply chain leading to shorter lead times.

Prysmian has been proudly manufacturing cable in Britain for over 100 years and strives to always meet and exceed standards. Prysmian has three factories in the UK; Aberdare, Eastleigh, and Wrexham, where electrical cable is designed and manufactured for a variety of building types locally. This not only guarantees a consistent supply to customers now and in the future, but it also means that Prysmian is guaranteed to manufacture cables of high quality because they have done so in the UK for many years. Cables such as twin and earth (6242Y) for example. Local manufacturing allows the cable to be readily available across the UK.

Does your cable have third-party certifications?

It is important to check if a third party certifies your cables. This is to ensure the safety and efficiency of the cable. Using sub-standard or poor-quality cables can have a knock-on effect on a project, causing delays and incurring additional costs to remove and replace these cables. It should be noted that having third-party accreditation does not impact the overall cost of the cable significantly.

As well as conducting numerous internal tests, all Prysmian cables carry third-party accreditation – meaning that they are independently assessed to ensure their quality. Prysmian cables are BASEC approved and evidence of this is marked on the cables. BASEC Product Approval can only be attained after in-depth assessments of the manufacturing process and rigorous cable testing, providing peace of mind. Third-party testing further emphasises the quality and safety of the cable, ensuring that the cable is in good working order and is fully compliant.

Are your cables easy to work with?

It may seem like a trivial factor, but whether a cable is easy to work with or not, can not only impact the cost effectiveness of the cable, and therefore the overall project. Let’s take a look at the stripability of a cable for example. Using cables that are easier to strip saves time at the installation stage.

An example is Prysmian twin and earth cable. Prysmian is the expert in the manufacture of these cables because it has done so for many years. This means Prysmian twin and earth cables are consistent, dependable, pliable, and easy to strip – which allows for quicker and more efficient installations – saving time on a job. Prysmian FP200 Gold, the popular “Standard” fire resistant cable, is another example. Used in buildings for fire detection, fire alarm, and emergency lighting systems, it is much easier to strip compared to other fire resistant cables on the market, so it can be installed quicker and more efficiently.

In short, although you may be paying more for Prysmian cable, you can be sure you are getting a high-quality, reliable product. For better peace of mind, Prysmian should be your top choice.

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