What's the minimum installation and operating temperatures for cables?

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Extremely cold weather can impact your cables. Learn more about the minimum installation and operating temperatures for cables and why they are important.

28/02/2024 - 10:00 AM

Extremely cold temperatures can adversely affect cables causing them to stiffen and become temporarily brittle. In some cases, cables may even become inflexible and crack if they are installed or operated below the recommended temperatures. What do we mean by “extremely cold?” The term is relative and will depend on what type of cable is going to be installed.

If the cable is too cold, then the installation process can also cause further material damage. It is important the cable is no lower than its recommended minimum temperature for installation to take place and ensure it works as intended. How long it will take to come up to at least its recommended minimum temperature, depends on the type of cable, its total mass, and the local temperature

When we talk about minimum operating temperatures in regards to cable, we normally refer to the minimum temperature that a cable can safely operate at over a particular period of time. It is important to understand the minimum operating temperature ratings as it helps to ensure that the cable will withstand the installation method and will last its expected lifespan.

Expert guidance from Prysmian

Expert Prysmian engineers have produced a guide which highlights the minimum installation and operating temperatures for a range of cables. The guidance states that “the minimum handling and installation temperature of a cable is dependent on many factors, including the type of cable, the severity and speed of bending and the manner in which the cable is pulled in. It is not only dependant on the current ambient temperature but also the temperature that the cable has been stored in for at least the previous 24 hours (for very large drums of cable the previous 48 hours should apply).”

Different cables require different minimum installation and operating temperatures. So, what are the recommended minimum installation and operating temperatures? You can refer to our technical guide for the temperature ranges for our PVC, LSOH, and MDPE cables. Download the guide here.

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