What is Twin and Earth used for?

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Twin and earth cables are commonly used to distribute power around the home, but just how they are used?

19/06/2023 - 02:00 AM

Twin and earth cables (T&E) are designed to meet the requirements of relevant British Standard cable specifications which are in accordance with current wiring regulations. The cables are usually installed in radial, ring or spur circuit types in agreement between electrician and the client or homeowner. Twin and earth cables are used around the home in a range of sizes, depending on the application.

Common circuits in the home deliver power to socket outlets for general plug-in devices like TVs and games consoles. They also deliver power directly from the consumer unit distribution board to dedicated appliances such as electric showers and electric cookers. Each appliance has its own circuit in T&E.

Prysmian T&E cables are also used in lighting circuits to deliver power to all the lighting fixtures. In agreement with the client or homeowner, the electrician can design and install light switching circuits that provide task lighting where it is needed, such as food preparation in the kitchen. Another example would be if you wanted to enhance the ambiance in a sitting room where Prysmian T&E can be used to separate switched wall and ceiling lights and create a different atmosphere depending on the time of day – or even time of the year.

An experienced professional will be able to determine the right cable size to use, and of course, there is the Prysmian tool, CableApp, which accurately calculates cable sizes adhering to the current wiring regulations.

With careful design, power can also be delivered using Prysmian T&E cables in applications where the cable is installed indoors and protected from the weather. For exposed external applications, Steel Wire Armoured cables are an excellent choice.


Why should you use Prysmian twin and earth cable?

What is Twin and Earth used for

Prysmian Group is the expert when it comes to the design and manufacture of this cable, and because we have done so for many years, you can rely on us to deliver high quality cables that are readily available across the UK.

Prysmian twin and earth cable meets British Standard BS 6004, which specifies the requirements and test methods for the construction and performance of cables that have PVC insulation of rated voltage 300/500 V. Prysmian twin and earth can be used in similar applications in small office buildings and light commercial applications, our efficient and easy-to-use cable calculator tool, CableApp, provides fast, accurate results that help you select the right cable for the job.   

For twin and earth cables you can rely on, choose Prysmian. Learn more on our dedicated Prysmian T&E page: https://uk.prysmian.com/markets/trade-and-installers/building-wires/twin-and-earth.


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