Optical Network Terminal explained

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We’ve heard of the term Optical Network Terminal, but what is its significance and what is its role in fibre to the premises (FTTP)?

31/07/2023 - 02:00 AM

The world is rapidly becoming more digitalised and demands for faster and more reliable connections is showing no signs of slowing down. Whether we’re online shopping, download files, streaming music or films or video calling, there is a complex infrastructure hard at work behind the scenes enabling seamless data transmission. A critical component of this infrastructure is the Optical Network Terminal (ONT).


What is an Optical Network Terminal?

Simply put, the ONT is a device supplied by the service provider (such as Sky, BT, Virgin) that serves as a gateway between the service provider's FTTP network and the end-user's premises where it is usually installed. The device enables seamless delivery of high-speed internet, voice, and video services, and serves as the interface between the optical fibre and the user's devices.


How does ONT work?

The optical signal from the service provider's fibre optic network is received by the ONT and it translates the optical signals into data that can be utilised by computers, mobiles, and other connected devices. It provides several important functions, including signal conversion, power management, and network management. The ONT also acts as a network switch, allowing multiple devices to be connected and share the high-speed internet connection.


Why is it important?

The ONT plays a crucial role in delivering reliable FTTP to homes and businesses. Here are some of the benefits of ONT:

  • Super-fast broadband: As it supports gigabit and higher-speed connections, the ONT enables users to experience ultra-fast internet speeds.
  • Reliable connectivity: With ONTs supporting fibre-optic networks, customers can enjoy superior reliability compared to traditional copper-based networks. Optical signals are less susceptible to interference and therefore ensures consistent and uninterrupted internet access.
  • Easy upgrades: The ONT allows service providers to easily upgrade the bandwidth and accommodate future technological advancements without replacing the entire network infrastructure.
  • Better security: In conjunction with the ONT, fibre-optic networks offer increased security because optical signals are challenging to tap into. This makes fibre-optic connections more secure than traditional copper-based connections.


Prysmian Connectivity solutions

Prysmian Group offers an extensive range of high quality connectivity solutions that support cable entry into a business or residential premises and distribution to the final customer. Prysmian Group has a selection of robust external customer wall boxes that can connect to the ONT.


ECSB4 Small External Splice box


ECSB4 Small External Splice box which connects to ONT

The External Customer Splice Box (ECSB4) is a wall mounted demarcation product for residential or small business premises. It is used for the splicing of up to 12 fibres and up to four customer drop cables. The tray hinges upwards and can be positioned vertically for easy installation.


HDB4 Wall Box

HDB4 Wall Box, a part of the ONT range

Another option is the Hybrid Drop Box (HDB4). This wall mounted demarcation product is used for the splicing of up to four fibres and up to four customer drop cables. The wall box can be mounted using the included fastening materials and fits directly onto standard “capping 25A” to hide primary cable routings. This makes installation faster and easier.


Customer Termination Point (CTP)

One of the newest products in the Prysmian Group range is the Customer Termination Point (CTP), which has been designed and developed to accommodate the easy connection of a customer’s premises to fibre optic broadband by way of preconnectorised cables. The CTP can be used for FTTP applications with both an integral splicing area and an optical adapter position. There are entry positions for input/output cables on the bottom and it allows for the separation of an incoming and outgoing cable for ease of access.


Customer Splice Point (CSP)

Another new offering coming soon from Prysmian Group is the Customer Splice Point (CSP). It is a small and discreet wall box that can be used for splice only applications. Watch this space…


Advancing Connectivity

Prysmian Group’s connectivity solutions are designed for versatility, covering all cable management needs, whatever the network type. Our products can be used in various applications within aerial and underground installations, central offices, exchanges, customer premises and external networks.


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