Railway Systems

To adapt to rapid urbanisation and escalating customer expectations, the railway industry is continuously modernising its systems.


Railway systems are the power, signalling and communications systems that use low and medium voltage cables, catenary systems, as well as optical fibre and cable accessories. Prysmian Group is powering future connections by manufacturing and delivering the best quality products to ensure railway systems are more efficient than ever before.


Our comprehensive range of railway and underground cables cover all applications such as signalling and control devices that operate, track switches and optical signalling systems, the backhaul of actuators and the control loops in conventional or electronic track-control centres. We offer medium and low-voltage power cables, communication cables, control and signalling cables, fibre cables, data cables and a full range of products to fulfil the requirements of different specifications.

Telecom cables and connectivity

We are one of the world’s largest optical providers and producers, and our continuity of supply offers great peace of mind to our clients. We design and manufacture cable that greatly enhances connectivity. Clients can depend on our designs and services, and we go the extra mile to ensure they have the best connectivity by testing cable for functionality and performance.


As well as providing data and connectivity, our optical fibre cables can also be utilised for controlling systems, transferring information for car parking, ticketing, switching, mechanical engineering, CCTV surveillance and car parks.


Our product ranges fall into two categories; we sell a passive system, which features optical cable or a conventional copper cable, or a hybrid construction of the two. Hybrid cable construction enables the delivery of 4G and 5G within a tunnel infrastructure, meaning our cables help to deliver high speed internet to the tunnel systems.


Find out more about Prysmian telecoms and our product range here

We provide high-quality cable solutions

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