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OpenArch Infrastructure

04/01/2024 - 02:29 PM

Step into the next era of intelligent buildings with OpenArch Technology. In a swiftly evolving world shaped by rapid technological progress, the landscape of modern architecture and infrastructure undergoes profound changes. Enter the domain of smart buildings, where OpenArch's state-of-the-art smart building solutions takes the lead, paving the way for a future defined by unprecedented efficiency, comfort, and sustainability.


Draka UC offers a comprehensive portfolio of universal cabling systems complemented by our globally acclaimed cable manufacturing technologies. This synergy presents a cutting-edge approach to Structured Cabling Standards—a premium end-to-end solution tailored to meet your specific requirements. Draka UC serves as the backbone cabling for building management systems, offering a comprehensive data communication solution for any construction project.

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Our cabling solution forms the integral framework for efficient building management, ensuring seamless and reliable communication across the entire infrastructure. Since its launch into the market, Draka UC has been supplied into countless structured cabling projects regionally due to the strong reputation already established by Draka as a world-renowned communication cabling brand with more than 100 years of cable manufacturing experience. 

A well-structured and effectively deployed cabling system stands as a critical strategic resource for any business or institution. Careful preparation for a structured cabling solution paves the way for the introduction of new services, reduces the expenses associated with network upkeep, and enhances overall efficiency of your smart building. Combining technological expertise and innovation high-performance cabling and connectivity solutions are well suited for the enterprise, financial, education, healthcare and government markets – anywhere network performance is critical. Draka’s Cabling Solutions are robust, high-performance copper systems for the most demanding applications.